Finance vs. Lease

Finance or Lease Your Vehicle with Ease Thanks to Bill Hood Hyundai

Our Finance Experts Will Help You Secure Auto Financing and Explain the Advantages of Leasing vs Buying

Bill Hood Hyundai is dedicated to delivering an enjoyable and hassle-free vehicle shopping experience, that allows you to block out the distractions of the car buying process and focus on getting a vehicle that you love that meets your needs.  Our finance experts have years of experience helping drivers from Hammond and beyond find, finance, and drive home their dream car from Bill Hood Hyundai.  Our financers work with local banks and lenders in the community to help secure transparent and accommodating auto financing rates that make it easier than ever for our drivers to buy a car!

Bill Hood Hyundai is dedicated to making deals and offers that benefit our valued customers, and we never want to see a great deal or incredible opportunity to save gone by.  Our finance center offers competitive and transparent financing rates when you buy your new Hyundai vehicle with us, but we also offer competitive leasing rates that allow you to drive stylish new Hyundai models for prices that are even lower than the norm.  Our accommodating leasing rates allow drivers to get behind the wheel of Hyundai vehicles they're sure to love, that they may not have considered possible by buying new.  Our Bill Hood Hyundai finance center is dedicated to helping drivers get the best possible deals, so you can get out and enjoy the open road on a budget that meets your needs!


Benefits of Buying New vs. Leasing a New Vehicle

Nothing beats the liberating feeling of grabbing the keys to your new car and hitting the open road.  Buying a car is the ultimate dream of freedom and expression, and once you find the perfect vehicle it's only logical that you'd want to make it your own. Buying a car gives you complete ownership over a vehicle you know you'll love, but it is not without its drawbacks.  Leasing a car from Bill Hood Hyundai can be a perfect way to meet your needs in the middle; allowing you to access then same type of new vehicle quality that you're after with lower money down, lower monthly payment, and warranty coverage for basic service and maintenance requirements.

Benefits of Buying a New Car

  • Your vehicle is entirely your own, and you can customize or modify it however you please.

  • No mileage limitations or restrictions to worry about allowing you to drive as far and wide as you please.

  • Buying a car is more cost-effective in the long term, allowing you to trade-in or sell your vehicle to get more cash up front when you're buying your next new car.

  • No early termination or cancellation fees if you decide to move onto a new vehicle before your leasing term is up.

Benefits of Leasing a Car

  • Keep costs low and make minimal monthly payments.  Monthly lease payments are lower than paying off a loan for a purchased vehicle.  Finding a mileage ceiling that meets your needs makes leasing much more cost-effective and convenient to your daily driving needs.

  • Leasing a new vehicle can also save you money on the taxes and fees associated with buying a car.  You pay less sales tax, allowing you to spend more money on a nicer car than you would have been able to afford by buying new.

  • Keep repair and maintenance costs low!  Routine repairs and maintenance are often covered under warranty so your vehicle stays up to your high expectations for driving quality.

  • Smaller down payment up front, and simple drop-off when the lease is up.  Your lease expires naturally at the end of your contract.  No fees or additional maintenance required at the end of your lease, just drop it off and pick out your next new vehicle to lease.

  • Stay up to date with a new vehicle every couple of years!  If you're the type to always drive the newest and latest vehicles, leasing is absolutely for you!  Don't get tied down to a vehicle for multiple years that you'd have to sell in order to get a new one!

Our financing department can't wait to get to work finding the leasing or financing rates that work for you!  We look forward to seeing you at Bill Hood Hyundai!